KALI. welcomes her very own Nutritionist

Hi all! I’m Julia, an accredited Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) and owner of the nutritional consulting business NRG well-being. My philosophy as a nutritionist is to provide holistic support through all stages of life and provide education on the importance of not only nourishing our bodies with wholesome and nutrient dense foods but tailoring each individual’s lifestyle to be realistic, personalised, affordable and simplewhilst building a positive relationship with food to achieve optimal physical and mental wellbeing.   As well as being a practising nutritionist, I am also atrainer/representative for a leading Australian probiotic company where I have spent the last 3 years training healthcare professionals in both pharmacy and health food settings on the benefits of probiotics and the importance of...

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My Why

Hi! My name is Melissa Wakefield. I would love to introduce you to Kali Australia, a business that has evolved over the the last 10 years and touches the depths of my core. I have an absolute love of food and strive to have meaningful connections and relationships for myself, with my family and my greater community, extending out to our blessed country, Australia. MY WHY I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household full of fresh food, and shopping at the local fruit and veggie shop was the norm.  Connecting as a family, enjoying our evening meal at the dinner table was a daily absolute. This has followed me into my 16 years of parenting, and in this...

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