Winter Warmers Recipe #4 - Spicy Lentil Pumpkin Soup

The first thought that comes to mind when I look at this delicious soup daughter will not eat my pumpkin soup. It has become a thing in our home. Why? Because my mum makes a better one and nothing else compares, according to my daughter.
Funny enough it just makes my heart melt. It’s one of my daughters stories of her Nan, that she will carry for a lifetime. I too am lucky enough to have food stories of my grandparents, still today my cousins and aunts and uncles share these joyful memories. Stewed Apple and rhubarb, 5 cheezels placed as rings on each finger and thumb, savoury shapes.....
Food connects people, family, friends, neighbours, strangers, it impacts people. Meaningful connections are so important for mental wellness, and food is one of those icebreakers that bring two people together. 
On a seperate note to my visual eye, Gullu has again created a beautiful bowl of goodness. I love the vibrancy of the turmeric and how it enhances the colour of the pumpkin, and then the contrast of the green from the pumpkin seeds. Read below as Gullu explains the  nutritional impact of these two beauties and more.

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