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The Courage of a Re-launch - Founder Melissa Wakefield

  Every Australian has the Right to Real Food. This has oddly become my life obsession. There is a certain relief when you understand why you were put on this earth, but then there is the nagging drive that is deafening and will not leave you alone until you action it.    What drives this obsession? Australia has a dark shadow that no one is talking about. A situation where 3.6 million Australians are food insecure, the lack of secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development to lead an active and healthy life.  Ironically at the same time Australians who are food secure are making choices that are leading them down a path...

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JERF Market - How It Works

Step 1  Free 30 day Impact membership, go to  once you register on the for the  Step 2 Its Simple! purchase your impact membership>shop wholesale for wholefoods online>save money>impact food poverty in AUSTRALIA

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