The K. Crew Collaboration are the food inspired humans that have come together to contribute to KALI. AUSTRALIA. Sharing values of INTEGRITY, CONNECTION, HEALTH, CARE AND KINDNESS embracing our primary focus of nutrition and mental wellness.


Hi! My name is Melissa Wakefield. I would love to introduce you to Kali Australia, a business that has evolved over the the last 10 years and touches the depths of my core. I have an absolute love of food and strive to have meaningful connections and relationships for myself, with my family and my greater community, extending out to our blessed country, Australia.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household full of fresh food, and shopping at the local fruit and veggie shop was the norm.  Connecting as a family, enjoying our evening meal at the dinner table was a daily absolute. This has followed me into my 16 years of parenting, and in this time I have observed and experienced many different attitudes towards how Australians create meaningful relationships and how food plays a big part in these connections. Birthday parties and celebrations, sporting activities, playdates, school canteens, school markets, kitchen gardens, the list goes on. To me, food and meaningful relationships are life force, one is just as important as the other to live a healthy, active, mentally well life.

I know this first hand, as although I have always been nourished with the best of food, impactfully there is a long line of mental illness that runs through my family. I personally do not have mental illness, but have been a carer of, an observer, a supporter, a learner, an advocate and I know this will always be my silent partner in life. I haven’t always been perfect in these roles, and there have been steep learning curves, frustrations, conflict, deep sadness and tragedy within our family including two of my baby cousins taking their own life.

 What I have learnt is there is no quick fix, no cure and definitely not one size fits all that helps mental illness. Instead it’s the synergy of many lifestyle choices and actions by the individual and the family. Knowing mental illness manifests in many different ways. Recognising it is rhythmical, light to dark with many shades of grey in between. As the carer, you can feel quiet helpless and not sure if you really are giving the right help. What I have learnt is the little things that edge away at the darkness. Good clean food, holding space for the loved one who is not well, walks on the beach, sunshine and lots and lots of love. I have learnt nourishment from connection and food, although not a cure, can truely be so impactful.

I want you to know always,

‘I see you, I hear you, nourish well, be well’

Love Melissa (Founder)


    Hi all! I’m Julia, an accredited Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) and owner of the nutritional consulting business NRG well-being. My philosophy as a nutritionist is to provide holistic support through all stages of life and provide education on the importance of not only nourishing our bodies with wholesome and nutrient dense foods but tailoring each individual’s lifestyle to be realistic, personalised, affordable and simple whilst building a positive relationship with food to achieve optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

 As well as being a practising nutritionist, I am also atrainer/representative for a leading Australian probiotic company where I have spent the last 3 years traininghealthcare professionals in both pharmacy and health food settings on the benefits of probiotics and the importance of supporting the human microbiome throughout each life stage. This position has enabled me to obtain a deeper understanding of probiotics and their benefits, granting me exposure which has led to an increased interest into how diet and environmental factors can impact our gut health and immune system. The link between gut health and our mood is of particular interest and I am a firm believer in the concept of the gut functioning as our second brain.

My own personal journey with food was the inspiration behind my interest in the field of health and nutrition. As a teenager, particularly in my final years of school I suffered with anxiety and battled with an eating disorder, I  adopted an extremely negative relationship with food, relating everything to weight loss and obsessively focussing on body image rather than how I actually felt both physically and mentally. Fortunately, through my university studies, I learnt more about food as medicine which prompted me to work through my anxiety and challenges I faced when eating food. I began to notice significant positive changes to my physical and most importantly mental state after making changes to my diet and building the confidence to adopt a more balanced, nutritious and wholesome diet.  Reaching this conclusion helped merealise my true passion lies in supporting young adolescents and those experiencing anxiety and/or eating disorders byhelping to provide them the skills and education to build a more positive relationship with food and nutrition.  

 This belief that nutrition plays a pivotal role in not only nurturing our physical but also our mental health extends tothe importance of the meaningful connections with food we develop which can impact wellness across all life stages. Thisis where Kali and NRG Well-being share the common goal of educating all age groups on the importance of good quality, nutritious and wholesome foods and the role they play in supporting mental health, amplifying the importance of these being more accessible and affordable for all Australians.

 As a nutritionist, I love what I do and I am open to starting conversations, so please feel free to reach out as I would love to hear from you.Love Jules xox  e. t. 0421004990