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Message from the Founder Melissa Wakefield

Every Australian has the Right to Real Food. This has oddly become my life obsession. Its a nagging drive that is deafening and will not leave me alone.

What drives this obsession? With an absolute love of food, health and and a keen interest in peoples thoughts and behaviour, peoples food choices have always intrigued me.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household full of fresh food and shopping at the local fruit and vegetable shop was the norm. I have a family of my own now, married 16 years and a mother to a 15 year old and a 11 year old and through the past 16 years I have observed many different attitudes towards food. At birthday parties, sporting activities, playdates, canteens.

There has been various attitudes to food, and this is not about shaming or adding guilt to this tough gig of being a parent, but what I do know is Australia has a dark shadow that no one is talking about. A situation where 3.6 million Australians are food insecure, lacking secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development to lead an active and healthy life”. At the same time, similarly Australians who are food secure are making choices that are leading them down a path of diet related illness.  This looming shadow is costing our country over 60 billion dollars each year in treating this epidemic.

Open to Possibilities Australia is so dear to my heart and I am saddened by the rising costs of living, where processed food is cheap and fresh produce is not on the shopping list for the low socio-economic. With a pondering mind, I questioned surely this did not have to be Australias story. My mind opened to possibilities, I began to see a clear solution of food security for every Australian that could also connect us back to Real food. It was clear in my mind but now I had to communicate this so it made sense to the rest of the country.

Leap Of Faith This drove me to pull down my wholefood business the JERF Project over 18 months ago for restructure (Yes I took a very deep breath, closed my eyes and leaped). During this time I looked at many business models. It was important to me that REAL food was to be more financially accessible to all communities in Australia and a sustainable model of food safety and security for those in need. A business model that will give all Australians the opportunity to thrive and live healthy and active lives.


It is now powered by the impact membership, that allows healthy wholefoods at wholesale prices, direct to our member’s door. While you save on your wholefoods, the membership will work hard to give back to our Australian communities most in need.

It is really Simple! The consumer purchases an impact membership, the customer shops at wholesale prices for the real food, they save money, while their membership gives back to Food Projects through out Australia.

The Vision – Every Australian is able to eat safe and nutritious food to thrive for an active and mentally well life, through meaningful connections.

The Mission – Empowering all Australians to eat well for mental health, by providing a healthy food store that is affordable, with an online support structure for easy food preparation and current nutritional information on mental health, with a significant commitment to give back through the Impact Membership to Australian impact projects in nutrition and connection  with a primary focus on mental wellness.

The Why –

Impactfully yours